Cupcake Flavours

Saucy Strawberry Cheesecake

Vanilla cake with chopped strawberries at the base. Topped with fluffy cream cheese frosting and sprinkles of biscuit crumbs

Eton Mess

Vanilla cake with berries at the base topped fresh whipped cream meringue berries and a little berry sauce

Lemon Meringue

Zesty lemon cake topped with a lemon curd and meringue

Banging Banoffee

Banana cake filled with a toffee sauce. Topped with fresh cream and sprinkles of biscuit crumbs


Coffee cake with a soaked centre topped with mascarpone frosting sprinkled with coco powder

Peanut Butter

Chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling topped with a peanut butter and chocolate butter cream


Chocolate cake with honeycomb in the centre topped with chocolate honeycomb butter cream

Gooey Caramel

Chocolate cake with gooey caramel in the centre topped with chocolate butter cream with a caramel sauce

Chirpy Chocolate Chip

Choice of vanilla or chocolate sponge with chocolate chips passed through it topped with butter cream

Mamas Maple and Pecan

Maple and chopped pecan nut sponge topped with maple butter cream pecan nuts


Vanilla cake with sultans passed through it. Topped with vanilla butter cream


Vanilla cake with marshmallow in the centre topped with vanilla butter cream with mellows past through it

Chocolate Rocky Road

Topped with some gooey chocolate ganache with honeycomb, marshmallows, and raisins tossed though it

Peaches and Cream

Light fluffy vanilla cake with peaches at the base. Topped with vanilla butter cream

Black Forest

Deep chocolate cake with kirsch drizzled over it topped with whipped cream n black cherries

Gingerbread Man

Sticky ginger cake topped with a spiced butter cream

Very Vanilla

Light and fluffy made with quality vanilla. Topped with vanilla butter cream

Choccy Chocolate

Made with the best cocoa. Topped with chocolate butter cream or chocolate ganache

Marvellous Marble

Topped with chocolate or vanilla butter cream

Moorish Lemon Drizzle

Topped with a lemon butter cream or a sticky lemon icing

Delicious Raspberry Ripple

Topped with raspberry or vanilla butter cream

Scrummy Cookies and Cream

A choice of any biscuit passed through chocolate or vanilla cake we recommend oreo’s or chocolate chip cookies. Topped with a crushed cookie butter cream.

Decadant Date and Walnut

Topped with a coffee butter cream

Kooky Carrot

Topped with a fluffy cream cheese frosting with a hint of orange

Devilish Red Velvet

A deep red chocolate cake topped with fluffy cream cheese frosting

Cherry Berry Bakewell

Almond and cherry cake topped with jam and a stinky icing

Chocolate Hazel Nut Heaven

Topped with a smooth chocolate hazel nut butter cream

Chocolate Orange

Topped with a chocolate orange butter cream

Snow White Chocolate

Topped with white chocolate butter cream

Sumptuous Sticky Toffee

Topped with butter cream and a runny sticky toffee sauce

Tropical Coconut

Light fluffy coconut cake with chopped pineapple at the base (pineapple optional) Topped with coconut butter cream


You cake choose to top hat most of our cupcakes. This is when the top of the cupcake is dipped in white/milk/dark chocolate. This makes the cake extra yummy!

Glutan, eggless, and diabetic cakes are available in some flavours please enquire about this.


Other treats for favours or as a extra for any occasion

Cake pops

Vanilla or Chocolate sponge lollipops. Covered in milk, white, or dark chocolate which can be marbled or a chocolate candy melt which come in all colours, these can also be flavoured.


Vanilla Shortbread

Chocolate Shortbread



Sweet Trees

Other Favours available please enquire for further details


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