Cake Flavours

We cover our cakes in roll out icing, butter cream, fresh cream, ganache or cream cheese frosting. All of the flavours and fillings below can be made into mini cakes to suit you.

View some of our cakes on the wedding cake page or celebration cake page. Also check out our scrummy cupcake flavours and cupcake gallery!

Very Vanilla Sponge

Light fluffy made with quality vanilla. Filled with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream

Choccy Chocolate Sponge

Rich cake made with the best cocoa. Filled with chocolate butter cream or chocolate ganache

Marvellous Marble

Combines the above two to give it a lovely marble effect when cut into. With a choice of fillings chocolate or vanilla butter cream

Moorish Lemon Drizzle

Fresh lemon juice and zest is used then we make a tasty sugar syrup that is drizzled over the whole fluffy cake which keeps the cake extra moist. This can be filled with a lemon butter cream or a sticky lemon icing

Delicious Raspberry Ripple

Slightly crushed fresh raspberries and pass it through the cake mix. This cake is light and fluffy with a tart raspberry taste. Filled with raspberry butter cream or vanilla

Scrummy Cookies and Cream

A choice of any biscuit passed through chocolate or vanilla cake. We recommend oreo’s or chocolate chip cookies. Filled with a crushed cookie butter cream.

Decadant Date and Walnut

A moist tea time favourite with chopped walnut and soaked dates. Filled with a coffee butter cream

Fruity Tooty

A rich, luxurious cake made with quality sultanas soaked in port, cherries, mixed peel, all spice and matured with brandy.

Kooky Carrot

Chopped nuts, spice, grated carrot, orange juice and sultans makes this cake extra deep in flavour. Filled with fluffy cream cheese frosting with a hint of orange

Devilish Red Velvet

A deep red chocolate cake filled fluffy with cream cheese frosting

Cherry Berry Bakewell

Passed through the cake mix is almond extract and ground almonds with chopped cherries. Filled with jam and a sticky icing.

Chocolate Hazel Nut Heaven

Rich cake with chopped hazel nuts passed though it. Filled with smooth chocolate hazel nut butter cream

Chocolate Orange

Deep and tasty with orange zest and extract. Filled with a chocolate orange butter cream

Snow White Chocolate

Filled with white chocolate butter cream and raspberry jam

Gluten, eggless, and diabetic cakes are available in some flavours, please enquire if you have any special requirements.